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Microfibre Cloth

Miracle cloth cleans any surfaces without the use of chemicals! miracle microfibre cloth
Environmentally Friendly
Save Time AND Money works like magic!


Usol® Alcohol Free Antimicrobial Cleaning and Sanitising Hygiene Solutions

Usol alcohol free hand sanitising foamU-Sol ALCOHOL FREE hygiene system Anti-microbial cleaner & sanitiser range

NEW U-Sol Earth Friendlier product range, the next generation of ALCOHOL FREE ultra-effective, ultra-safe NON FLAMMABLE and eco friendly antimicrobial product range.

In laboratory tests on surfaces, U-Sol has been proven to be effective against 99.999% of all known Germs and Bacteria. U-Sol is a water based disinfectant which delivers many advantages over traditional disinfection solutions. U-Sol has been tested to British Standards EN1276 and EN1650:

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USOL - the fastest growing disinfection range.

Fast Acting – up to 300% quicker than most other disinfectants, acting within 30 seconds

Effective – kill rate of over 99.999% of germs on treated surfaces, creating a cleaner working environment – even harsh chemical sanitisers usually kill only 99.9% of germs.
Efficient – is fully effective in under 30 seconds. Most disinfectants, even alcohol based ones, require several minutes of exposure to be effective.
Economical – Most users report that U-Sol lasts up to three times as long as their previous disinfection products. You use less product and being water based, there is virtually no loss through evaporation.
No damage or discolouration – All surfaces (hard and soft) can be treated without risk of discolouration or micro-cracking. Micro-cracks are caused by chemical cleaners on surfaces like plastics and ceramics. These invisible cracks allow “bio-film” to develop which protects germs making most other disinfectants ineffective.
Far Reaching – Where micro-cracks already exist, U-Sol strips out the bio-film leaving nowhere for germs to hide. Even previously damaged and porous surfaces are fully disinfected which reduces the risk of re-contamination. Bleaches and alcohols do not remove bio-film.
Long Lasting – keeps working for up to 3 days after application, reducing the risk of contamination between cleans
Protection – Protects even delicate surfaces like leather so can prolong the useful working life of expensive furniture and equipment
Safe – with the same chemical hazard rating as water U-Sol is safe for users including patients, staff and the public. and will not damage surfaces on equipment
Kind to skin – unlike alcohol hand sanitisers which can dry out and damage the skin, most people report a conditioning effect from even frequent use of U-Sol
Environmentally Friendly – no alcohol, acids or solvents to dispose of
Versatile - can be used on any surfaces including computer screens, keyboards and mouses so ideal for all regular cleaning procedures as well as deep cleans