Evolution Price Breakdown

Cut your cleaning costs by half!
Help to save the environment and save you money with the New Evolution wall mounted chemical dispensing programme

ID Product 20ml 15ml 10ml 5ml
H550 Pot Wash £0.18p £0.135p £0.09p £0.45p
H551 Anti-bacterial Pot Wash £0.18p £0.135p £0.09p £0.45p
H552 Double Agent Anti-bacterial Cleaner/Sanitiser £0.40p £0.30p £0.20p £0.10p
H553 Bath and Washroom Cleaner £0.347p £0.26p £0.17p £0.86p
H554 Heavy Duty Degreaser and Floor Cleaner £0.255p £0.19p £0.128p £0.65p
H555 Window and Stainless Steel Cleaner £0.347p £0.26p £0.17p £0.86p
H556 Toilet Cleaner and Descaler £0.27p £0.20p £0.13p £0.66p
H557 Air Freshener £0.46p £0.346p £0.23p £0.115p

75 x 20ml per 1.5ltr
100 x 15ml per 1.5ltr 150 x 10ml per 1.5ltr
300 x 5ml per 1.5ltr

1 x 20ml per 20ltr bucket (H554)
1 x 10ml or 15ml per 10ltr bucket (H554)