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safety catalogue

Foam Hand Wash

Alcohol Free Antimicrobial foaming hand washalcohol free foam handwash
Blended with anti-microbial agents and added conditioners
No harsh solvents or chemicals
Alcohol free foaming hand wash


Anti-Vandal Toilet tissue dispenser out-performs ALL other toilet roll systems in toughness, fire resistance and consumption…..
Anti-Vandal toilet tissue dispenser
Reduces waste by a MASSIVE 42% to conventional jumbo toilet rolls
More info on the SmartOne toilet tissue dispensing system

Mach II Workwear

Discover why this elegant and tough range of workwear is best for you…..


The MACH II range of workwear has been designed for specific tasks in mind. Such as construction, engineering, automotive, agricultural, workshops, warehouses and any other areas that require extra hard wearing resistance, but also adding a smart and slightly different look to the normal corporate image.

See some more reasons why we think you will love the MACH II workwear…

Product ID: DB019
NORTHWOOD Padded Warm Jacket 6 Positioned Pockets
Removable Sleeves
Select colour:
Price: 42.31 (50.77 Inc. VAT)

Product ID: W300
MACH II Work Trousers 8 positioned pockets
Price: 22.23 (26.68 Inc. VAT)


Product ID: W301
MACH II Work Jacket 6 positioned pockets
Price: 26.96 (32.35 Inc. VAT)

Product ID: W302
MACH II Bib and Brace 10 Positioned Pockets
Price: 26.46 (31.75 Inc. VAT)


Product ID: W303
MACH II Boilersuit Half Zip
10 Positioned Pockets
Price: 29.54 (35.45 Inc. VAT)

Product ID: W305
MACH II Waistcoat

Sleeveless work Jacket

13 Positioned Pockets
Price: 19.17 (23.00 Inc. VAT)


Product ID: W306
MACH II Shorts 6 Positioned Pockets
Price: 18.54 (22.25 Inc. VAT)

Product ID: W307
Price: 5.67 (6.80 Inc. VAT)


Whatever you choose from the MACH II range, you have every confidence in the strength of the garments with the hardwearing Panotex 245grm fabric & extra high tensile abrasion resistance. All the garments are reinforced at the most critical areas, which are the neck, shoulders & knees.

Here’s some other reasons why you will love the MACH II workwear…

  • A multitude of pockets on each garment, perfectly positioned for busy working environments.
  • They include pockets for mobile phones, folding rule, note pad, glasses, tape measure etc…
  • Easy up-keep with the wrinkle-free fabric meaning no ironing
  • Modern design with a ‘sporty’ type feel and fashionable
  • Kneepad pockets with a strong Velcro enclosure. Wear them with or without… your choice
  • Name tags sewn inside the collars
  • Velcro badge holder
  • Removable name badges with Velcro strip on the chest for on-site regulations
  • All zipper pulls for ease of opening & snap fastening of cuffs
  • Excellent elasticity for extra comfort
  • Three neutral dominant colours available chosen to reduce soiling, highlighted with clever touches of bright colours to give that different look
  • Embroidery or screen printing can be added for personal corporate image

Colours available: Navy with royal tone / Grey with orange tone / Black with grey tone / dark green with beige tone

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* The MACH II workwear has made my staff look so much more professional and smart. VERY durable garments with the choice of wearing knee pads if required. I also like the fact that they don’t look like other companies with the perfect styling *
Danny Thompson, Atspeed

* What a fantastic range of quality garments for the price! I like the way they have been designed with the person wearing them in mind, like the numerous pockets for things like mobile phones, note pad, etc… Great value *
Eric Hanson, R&R Building