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At last….. a solution to killing the MRSA Superbug in just one minute!
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Miracle Microfibre Cleaning Cloth

Miracle cloth cleans any surfaces without the use of chemicals!

The Microfibre cloth makes your life so much easier with quicker results and a more effective finish than conventional cloths.
Use on virtually any job imaginable to remove grease, oil, dust, fingerprints, stains, spots, odour causing bacteria and much more. Microfibre’s powerful cleaning secret is its unique ultra microfibre fabric. The microfibre cleaning clothsoft fine fibres reach into corners & crevices then lift up the dirt. Use dry for dusting or polishing and damp for cleaning mirrors and windows & ingrained dirt.

Here’s some more reasons why you will like the Microfibre cloth…..

  • Works without chemicals & soap… Just use water…… works like magic!
  • Save’s you time AND money!
  • Grabs hold of dirt & doesn’t push it around like other cloths
  • Microfibre holds 8 times its own weight in water
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Can be laundered up to 300 times without losing its effectiveness.
  • Leaves a smear free finish without scratching
  • 90,000 fibres per square inch lifts & holds dust, dirt, grease & spills
  • When dry, it picks up dust like a magnet. When damp, it scrubs away the toughest soiling
  • Prevents growth of bacteria within the cloth
  • Four colours for colour coded sections (Red, yellow, green & blue)
  • Lint free

Ideal for: Computers & screens, glass, windows, work tops, cars (inside & out), furniture, carpet & upholstery, any hard surfaces & much more…..
Handy Tips: Only wet part of the cloth. Then you a have a dry dust cloth, a wet cleaning cloth and a polishing cloth in one!

all in one batercidal sanitising cleaner

10 x Microfibre Cleaning Cloths as low as £ 7.95 !!  buy




Only use boiling water, a small amount of laundry powder or detergent to wash the cloth. Do not use fabric conditioner or bleach!