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Evolution Reviews

* The Evolution Programme has revolutionised the way we clean in our factory. No more wasted space storing masses of chemicals and combined with the vast cost savings, goes a long way to say why I think it is the best system around at the present time *

Read more reviews on the Evolution dispensing system
Evolution Reviews

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Evolution Wall Dispensing System

The most COST EFFECTIVE and unique combination of essential cleaning chemicals ever...... evolution catering range of cleaning products

Help to save the environment and save you money with the New Evolution wall mounted chemical dispensing programme.

Here are 21 good reasons why The Evolution System will benefit you….

  1. VAST COST SAVINGS! Pay under 49p per 750ml of Cleaner / sanitiser!evolution catering range
  2. All the chemicals are environmentally friendly and biodegradable.
  3. Emptied recyclable packs can be rolled up for low disposal costs.
  4. 150 to 300 spray flasks (750ml) available in just 1.5ltr concentrate pouch.
  5. Dramatically reduces your chemical range you are currently using.
  6. Easy to install. No plumbing, electrics or batteries. Just 4 screws into the wall
  7. Compact design for fitting in even the most restricted space.
  8. Lockable tough units to withstand the harshest cleaning environment.
  9. Up to 92% less packaging, based on a kilo of product & conventional packaging.
  10. Far less storage for chemicals required.
  11. Easy to use pull / push lever.evolution wall mounted dispensing system
  12. Simple factory set chemical portions, preventing overdosing & wastage.
  13. FOUR adjustable portion control settings (5, 10, 15, 20ml)
  14. 30 second delay timer mechanism prevents over use.
  15. All colour coded.
  16. Symbolised & numbered for colour blind, literacy or language barriers.
  17. Easy-to-follow diagrams on laminated wall posters included with each dispenser.
  18. Laminated wall posters for Catering & Housekeeping
  19. FREE training on how to use correctly if needed
  20. Starter pack prices at COST to help you start!

Ideal areas to use:

Hotels, restaurants, bars, kitchens, hospitals, nursing homes, sports & leisure centres, contract cleaners, golf clubs, food processors, butchers, supermarkets, councils, offices, on-site cleaning, schools, airports, health clubs, swimming areas, bus companies, workshops, engineering, etc…..

Get the EVOLUTION Range for your business NOW.....

Don't forget, if your not entirely happy - we will give you your money back!