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enMotion touchless
paper dispenser

enmotion touchless peper towel dispenser
Automated Touchless Hand Towel System that will save you as much as 50% to conventional hand towels

Project a more positive, stylish and modern image to your washroom with the enMotion sensor activated dispenser

More info on enMotion touchless paper towel dispenser

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Environmentally Friendly Kitchen Cleaning Chemicals by Jangro

Earth Friendlier Cleaning

Highly effective non perfumed cleaners and degreasers. These Environmentally Friendly cleaning products are safe for use in food preparation areas.

These unique cleaners are safe for use in food related areas and is ideal for use in schools and hospitals.
Clean and sanitize all hard surfaces, including stainless steel surfaces, microwaves, fridges (including inside), freezers, canopies and chopping boards in one operation.

Product ID: BF040-5
Price: 4.35 (5.22 Inc. VAT)

Product ID: BF050-5
Price: 8.50 (10.20 Inc. VAT)


Product ID: BF050-75
Price: 2.05 (2.46 Inc. VAT)