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safety catalogue

Touchless Soap Dispenser

Automatic sensor activated foam soap and hand sanitizer dispenser
touchless dispensing system
Eliminates cross contamination

The future of hand hygiene

touchless automatic sensor activated soap dispenser information

Sanitising Foam

Alcohol Free foaming hand sanitiseralcohol free foam hand sanitiser
kills a broad spectrum of viruses, moulds, fungi and bacteria on your hands.
Safe for use in sensitive areas
Hand sanitiser foam

Dusters and Scourers

Product ID: CG102
Yellow Duster 10 per pack
Price: 2.80 (3.36 Inc. VAT)

 Buy 10 @ 2.30.
Product ID: HE020
Price: 3.60 (4.32 Inc. VAT)


Product ID: HL005
Soft Easigrip Sponge Scouring Pad Pack of 10. Available in different colours.
Select Colour:
Price: 2.70 (3.24 Inc. VAT)

 Buy 10 @ 2.30.
Product ID: HL008
Green Scouring Pads 9x6. 10 per pack.
Price: 2.40 (2.88 Inc. VAT)

 Buy 10 @ 2.00.

Product ID: HL013
Price: 2.60 (3.12 Inc. VAT)

 Buy 10 @ 2.20.
Product ID: HL075
Price: 4.15 (4.98 Inc. VAT)

 Buy 10 @ 3.60.