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safety catalogue

Touch Free Starter Pack

Direct offer you a special starter pack to help you go
touch free saniti
Starter pack contains:
TFX Dispenser
Mobile Sanitizer Stand
1200ml Hand Sanitizer

Hand sanitizer portable stand starter pack


Anti-Vandal Toilet tissue dispenser out-performs ALL other toilet roll systems in toughness, fire resistance and consumption…..
Anti-Vandal toilet tissue dispenser
Reduces waste by a MASSIVE 42% to conventional jumbo toilet rolls
More info on the SmartOne toilet tissue dispensing system

Cruiser concentrated heavy duty bactericidal degreaser

Sorry, this product is not currently available.

Concentrated Heavy Duty Bactericidal Degreaser. (5ltr)

High strength detergent removes the heavier fats & carbon deposits on cooker tops, deep fat fryers, ovens and grills.

CRUISER contains a blend of alkalis, chelates combined with a synegestic blend of bactericidal detergents specifically developed to remove heavy soiling such as blood, protein, carbon, oil, grease and dirt from a variety of different surfaces.
CRUISER can be used to clean ceramic and quarry tiled areas, stainless steel, concrete and epoxy sealed floors.


BACTERICIDAL - CRUISER has an antimicrobial value of 180 when tested to BS 6471
ECONOMICAL - Dilutes up to 180:1 with water
WATER CONDITIONERS - Suitable for use in both hard and soft water areas.
NON - TAINTING - Solvent free - non flammable - odourless. Can be used in all food areas.
BIODEGRADABLE - Fully Biodegradable, presents no effluent problems.
VERSATILE - Can be applied by hand using spray or cloth or through either a steam clean machine or a floor scrubbing machine.


HEAVY SOILING - Dilute with up to 80:1 with water.
MEDIUM / LIGHT SOILING - Dilute with up to 180:1 with water.
WORKTOPS / EQUIPMENT - Spray or wipe prediluted solution onto the surface. Leave for up to 5 minutes before rinsing off with clean water.
FLOORS - Mop solution onto floors leave for 1 - 2 minutes before rinsing off with clean water.
DEEP FAT FRYERS - Dilute CRUISER with cold water. Turn on the fryer increase the temperature to approximately 60 deg. C - Leave simmering for up to 1 hour before emptying and washing the fryer out thoroughly with clean water before re-use.


Abbatoires, Poultry Farms, Kitchens - anywhere where heavy soiling occurs and a bactericidally clean surface is required.
Note: Do not use CRUISER on Aluminium or Zinc galvanised surfaces.

**Please note: It is highly recommended using our W132 chemical Protection Kit when using Cruiser Heavy Duty degreaser