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safety catalogue

enMotion Touch Free
paper dispenser

Automated Touch Free Paper Hand Towel System that helps prevent the spread of germs and bacteria
touch free hand towel dispenser

Enhances any washroom environment
Wide range of available colours

hand towel dispenser

Choosing GOJO Hand Cleaners

Remove the heaviest of grease and oils with one of three natural based hand cleaners to choose from:

GOJO multi green handcleaner image
Multi Green

A multi-purpose hand cleaner for removing light to medium industrial soils and dirt.

GOJO Orange hancleaner icon

For removing oils and grease encountered in automotive, machinery, engineering and service industries.
Our most popular hand cleaner!

GOJO Power gold handcleaner icon
Power Gold

Remove the heaviest of grease & grime without damaging your hands
Waterless formula!

All GOJO hand cleaners contain added skin conditioners

Centrefeed Disposable Paper Rolls

Centrefeed rolls are the most commonly used disposable paper wipe in all types of industry. Used for hand drying in washrooms or generally wiping surfaces in the workplace. Chose between 1 ply up to 3 ply, depending on your budget or absorbency required.
They can be dispensed through lockable wall mounted dispensers to stop the paper becoming dirty and pilfering. Or they can be used manually for mobility purposes.
To use correctly through the dispensers, pull the cardboard core out and then feed the paper through from the middle of the roll.

Product ID: AF108
Price: 12.50 (15.00 Inc. VAT)

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Product ID: AF111
Price: 12.50 (15.00 Inc. VAT)

Buy 12 @ 10.50.

Product ID: AF112
Price: 12.50 (15.00 Inc. VAT)

Buy 12 @ 10.50.
Product ID: AF113
Price: 11.40 (13.68 Inc. VAT)

Buy 12 @ 9.95.

Product ID: AF114
Price: 11.90 (14.28 Inc. VAT)

Buy 12 @ 10.50.