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Foam Hand Wash

Alcohol Free Antimicrobial foaming hand washalcohol free foam handwash
Blended with anti-microbial agents and added conditioners
No harsh solvents or chemicals
Alcohol free foaming hand wash

Touch Free Starter Pack

Direct offer you a special starter pack to help you go
touch free saniti
Starter pack contains:
TFX Dispenser
Mobile Sanitizer Stand
1200ml Hand Sanitizer

Hand sanitizer portable stand starter pack

Usol Alcohol Free Antimicrobial Sanitising Wipes Travel Pack

Sorry, this product is not currently available.

Alcohol Free Anti-Microbial Sanitizing Wipes - (1 x 35)

U-Sol antimicrobial sanitising wipes clean AND sanitise surfaces wherever there are areas at risk of being contaminated with germs, especially areas like door ways, door handles, stair handrails, telephones, currency, credit card key pad machines, remote controls, shopping basket & trolley handles, sports/gym equipment, light switches, petrol pump nozzles…… anywhere where there is lot's of human contact. The wipes offer a very simple and effective way of cleaning and sanitising surfaces in an instant and are easily disposed of.

Being alcohol free, the U-Sol Antimicrobial sanitising wipes can also be used to freshen up with, by wiping your hands or face. They provide a quick alternative when soap and water are not available.

The antimicrobial sanitising wipes which are fragrance and alcohol free, are proven to eliminate 99.999% of bacteria, fungi, germs and viruses, where's alcohol based wipes are limited to between 98.9% to 99.9%. The wipes clean and sanitise surfaces in 30 seconds and can be left to air dry.

U-Sol antimicrobial sanitising wipes are packed in a compact re-sealable flat pack and are easy to carry in coat pockets, handbags, briefcases, etc……. Excellent size to keep with you at all times. The wipes are also part of the EF20 Travel pack.

How to use:

Open the pack using the re-sealable flap on the front. Pull out a single sheet and immediately close the re-sealable flap. Wipe the contaminated area, making sure all parts are wiped. Once thoroughly wiped clean, leave to air dry and dispose of the wipe in the nearest bin. The surface will now be clean and germ free.