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Sanitising Wipes

Alcohol Free Antimicrobial sanitising wipesalcohol free sanitising wipes
Sanitises, Cleans and disinfects surfaces within 30 seconds and stays working on the surface for up to 3 days
Antimicrobial surface sanitising wipes

Sanitising Foam

Alcohol Free foaming hand sanitiseralcohol free foam hand sanitiser
kills a broad spectrum of viruses, moulds, fungi and bacteria on your hands.
Safe for use in sensitive areas
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Usol Antimicrobial sanitising surface spray (750ml trigger spray)

Product ID: EF38
Antimicrobial Sanitising Surface Spray
Price: 5.00 (6.00 Inc. VAT)

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Antimicrobial sanitiser spray (750ml)

The unique antimicrobial surface sanitiser spray is unbeatable for sanitising any hard surfaces. It is also completely safe to use on porous surfaces as it is alcohol free and contains absolutely no harsh chemicals…….In fact, it has the same chemical hazard rating as water!

The Antimicrobial surface sanitiser works fast….within 30 seconds and carries on working on the surface for up to 3 days. The special disinfection formulation deals effectively with commonly encountered bacteria, germs, fungi and viruses and kills more than 99.999%. This is an extremely high difference compared to most other cleaners which typically have a 98.9% to 99.9% kill rate.

The U-Sol antimicrobial surface sanitiser spray, which comes in a ready-to-use 750ml trigger spray, is so safe that you can even spray areas where there may be plants situated and will still not have any adverse affect.

Another key feature of the Alcohol Free Antimicrobial spray sanitiser is the permanent elimination of bad odours. The unique sanitising formula goes straight to the core of the problematic odour and kills the living organisms within 30 seconds.
There's no wiping or scrubbing after……just leave the sanitiser to kill the proteins and the odour will disappear within minutes. And it is entirely safe to just spray and leave.

Use it where there are any bad odours such as:
Nursing homes, children's nappy areas, dog or cat kennels, veterinary practices, toilet areas, etc……
There are also hundreds of areas you can use U-Sol antimicrobial surface sanitiser spray, so here are a few to give you an idea:

Leisure Centres, gyms, golf clubs, residential & nursing homes, hospitals, doctors surgeries, dental practices, veterinary surgeries, schools, universities, butchers, food manufacturers, food processors, airports, aeroplanes, council offices, office blocks, clean rooms, domestic household, laboratories, restaurants, cafes, pubs, clubs, children's nurseries, warehouses, shops, supermarkets and many more.

How to use:

Spray the antimicrobial surface sanitiser liberally onto the contaminated area. Leave to dry naturally.