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Sanitising Wipes

Alcohol Free Antimicrobial sanitising wipesalcohol free sanitising wipes
Sanitises, Cleans and disinfects surfaces within 30 seconds and stays working on the surface for up to 3 days
Antimicrobial surface sanitising wipes

Sanitising Foam

Alcohol Free foaming hand sanitiseralcohol free foam hand sanitiser
kills a broad spectrum of viruses, moulds, fungi and bacteria on your hands.
Safe for use in sensitive areas
Hand sanitiser foam


Touch free trouble free hand hygiene
touch free dispensing system

the future of hand hygiene is touch free
TFX touch-free hand hygiene

Usol Alcohol Free Anti Microbial Sanitiser Spray - 100ml

Sorry, this product is not currently available.

Antimicrobial sanitiser spray (100ml)

The antimicrobial sanitiser spray sanitises surfaces wherever there may be infected areas.
For example: any currency (notes or coins), telephone handles, key pad machines, supermarket credit card keypads, door handles & locks, stair rails, computer key boards and mouses, credit cards, remote controls, shopping baskets, washroom areas, gym equipment, toilet seats, light switches, petrol pump handles…… anywhere where other people may have come in to contact.
It’s a very quick and easy way of sanitising surfaces and 'peace of mind for you'.

The antimicrobial sanitiser spray is safe to use on any surface, is odour, alcohol and solvent free and kills 99.999% of viruses, mould, fungi, germs and bacteria in less than 30 seconds. It can be wiped clean or left to air dry.

U-Sol antimicrobial sanitiser spray comes in a handy sized 100ml spray bottle for ease of carrying around with you wherever you go. The surface sanitiser is part of the EF20 Travel pack.

How to use:

Dispense 1 to 2 pumps of the antimicrobial sanitiser spray on to the contaminated surface. Leave for around 20 to 30 seconds before either wiping with a clean dry wipe or cloth or, better still, simply leave to air dry.