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The most COST EFFECTIVE and unique combination of essential cleaning chemicals ever.....
evolution cleaning chemical wall mounted despensing system
VAST COST SAVINGS! Pay under 49p per 750ml of Cleaner / sanitiser!
Evolution wall mounted chemical dispensing system

Gojo Dispensers

Gojo wall mounted dispenser

The dispensers are guaranteed for life and have been designed to fit in any type of styled washroom.

see all Gojo wall mounted dispensers

Sanitising Foam

Alcohol Free foaming hand sanitiseralcohol free foam hand sanitiser
kills a broad spectrum of viruses, moulds, fungi and bacteria on your hands.
Safe for use in sensitive areas
Hand sanitiser foam

Usol® Alcohol Free Antimicrobial Handwash and Sanitiser Foam Soap

Usol alcohol free hand sanitising foamU-Sol anti-microbial liquid soap is a uniquely gentle but effective means of washing AND sanitising your hands at the same time.

The product combines the highest quality pearlised soap with the same unique U-Sol anti-microbial hand sanitiser used in the anti-microbial hand sanitising foam range (see anti-microbial alcohol-free hand sanitising foam category). Mildly soap-scented, this product is exceptionally kind and gentle on the skin and can safely be used on hands or face or even as an all over body wash.
Most soap products are to a greater or lesser degree irritating to the skin. U-Sol soap has very low levels of skin irritancy and users generally report that their hands feel soft and conditioned even after frequent use and without having to use creams or conditioners.

Product ID: EF27
Price: 4.60 (5.52 Inc. VAT)

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Product ID: EF28
Price: 16.50 (19.80 Inc. VAT)

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USOL - the fastest growing disinfection range.

As an environmental disinfectant, U-Sol has been proven to be effective against more than 99.999% of tested organisms in under 30 seconds. This uses the same water-based technology as is in the anti-microbial liquid soap formulation.
Although small amounts of alcohol are used in the manufacturing process (see ingredients list) it is not present in the final product which is why it is described as alcohol free. It provides effective yet safe hand cleaning with minimal risk of irritation or dryness and leaves a mild, clean, soapy smell.