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Taking hand hygiene to a whole new
level of performance.

Touch Free Soap Dispensers

A variety of formula options are available,
including PURELL® Hand Sanitiser foam,
PURELL Hygienic Hand Rub and GOJO foam soaps.

Customer Reviews

Surface Cleaner

Alcohol Free Antimicrobial surface cleaner spray is unbeatable for cleaning and sanitising ANY SURFACES in a single operationalcohol free sanitising spray cleaner
Safe to use on any hard AND porous surfaces
same chemical hazard rating as water
Antimicrobial surface sanitising cleaners

Usol Alcohol Free Antimicrobial Hand Soap Refill

Product ID: EF28
Antimicrobial Foam Soap
Price: 16.50 (19.80 Inc. VAT)

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Alcohol free Antimicrobial hand soap and sanitiser foam 5L

The alcohol-free anti-microbial liquid soap is offered in a 5 litre bulk container to help minimise costs. It is intended to be used to refill the 600ml bottle with pump (product code EF27) or the product reservoir in the U-Sol wall mounted soap dispenser.
U-Sol anti-microbial liquid soap is a uniquely gentle but effective means of washing AND sanitising your hands at the same time.

The product combines the highest quality pearlised soap with the same unique U-Sol anti-microbial hand sanitiser used in the anti-microbial hand sanitising foam range (see anti-microbial alcohol-free hand sanitising foam category).

Mildly soap-scented, this product is exceptionally kind and gentle on the skin and can safely be used on hands or face or even as an all over body wash.
Most soap products are to a greater or lesser degree irritating to the skin. U-Sol soap has very low levels of skin irritancy and users generally report that their hands feel soft and conditioned even after frequent use and without having to use creams or conditioners.

As an environmental disinfectant, U-Sol has been proven to be effective against more than 99.999% of tested organisms in under 30 seconds.

How to use:

Use a funnel to carefully decant into an empty 600ml bottle with pump dispenser (EF27) or into the empty refill reservoir in a wall mounted soap dispenser. Only use dispensers where instructions on the label are still clearly visible. Call our sales team if you need replacement dispensers.
Be sure to pour slowly to avoid wastage as the product will tend to foam out if poured too quickly. Replace the cap on the dispenser tightly once it is full. Do not over-fill. Replace the cap on the 5 litre container and store away safely and outside the reach of children.