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Surface Cleaner

Alcohol Free Antimicrobial surface cleaner spray is unbeatable for cleaning and sanitising ANY SURFACES in a single operationalcohol free sanitising spray cleaner
Safe to use on any hard AND porous surfaces
same chemical hazard rating as water
Antimicrobial surface sanitising cleaners

Sanitising Wipes

Alcohol Free Antimicrobial sanitising wipesalcohol free sanitising wipes
Sanitises, Cleans and disinfects surfaces within 30 seconds and stays working on the surface for up to 3 days
Antimicrobial surface sanitising wipes

Usol Alcohol Free Antimicrobial Hand Sanitiser - 50ml

Product ID: EF21
Alcohol Free Antimicrobial Hand Sanitiser
Price: 3.15 (3.78 Inc. VAT)


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Alcohol free antimicrobial hand sanitiser 50ml bottles

This handy, pocket sized foamer contains all the beneficial properties of the U-Sol alcohol-free hand sanitising range in a handy, easy to carry dispenser.

U-Sol anti-microbial hand sanitising foam is a WATER-BASED technology which uses no alcohol or bleach in its formulation. It is safer and longer lasting on the hands than traditional alcohol based hand sanitisers and because it contains no alcohol it does not dry out or irritate the skin. In fact, most users report that it leaves their skin feeling soft and conditioned even after frequent use.

The U-Sol hand sanitising foam uses an environmental disinfectant which has been proven to be effective against more than 99.999% of tested organisms in under 30 seconds.

U-Sol is odour free and leaves the hands feeling clean without the smell of chemicals or perfumes which typically comes from other hand sanitisers.
Because of its compact size this product can be carried on board when flying as it is fully compliant with BAA hand luggage regulations. The 50ml bottle is one of the components in the EF20 Hygiene Travel Pack.

How to use:

Use U-Sol hand sanitiser is ideal for use when soap and water are available. Dispense two or three squirts of the foam into the palm of your hand and rub thoroughly into the skin, paying particular attention to between the fingers and around the nails. As you work the foam into your hands, they may feel slightly sticky for a short while but as they dry, they quickly begin to feel soft and conditioned.