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Foam Hand Wash

Alcohol Free Antimicrobial foaming hand washalcohol free foam handwash
Blended with anti-microbial agents and added conditioners
No harsh solvents or chemicals
Alcohol free foaming hand wash

Sanitising Foam

Alcohol Free foaming hand sanitiseralcohol free foam hand sanitiser
kills a broad spectrum of viruses, moulds, fungi and bacteria on your hands.
Safe for use in sensitive areas
Hand sanitiser foam

Usol Alcohol Free Heavy Duty Detergent Degreaser Spray Bottles - 750ml

Product ID: EF33
Usol Multi Surface Detergent Degreaser Spray
Price: 5.00 (6.00 Inc. VAT)

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Multi-surface detergent degreaser spray (750ml)

The U-Sol heavy duty detergent/degreaser is a powerful multi-purpose cleaner and degreaser which can safely be used on both hard surfaces and most porous surfaces. You can even use it to remove grease spots from your carpets or clothing (just rinse with fresh water after rubbing in a little of the degreaser)*.
Unlike most other degreasers U-Sol contains no acids or solvents which tend to damage many surfaces. As a result it can safely be used on stainless steel and other high finish surfaces without causing surface damage or streaking.
Spray U-Sol heavy duty degreaser on stainless steel, leave for a few moments then wipe the dislodged grease away with a damp cloth. Buff the cleaned surface with a dry cloth for a polished and streak free finish*.
Although the U-Sol degreaser is gentle on skin with only a mild soapy fragrance, it is outstandingly good at cutting through grease, grime, oils, fats, ground-in dirt, soil, tobacco stains and many others. It will not harm surfaces* and is fully biodegradable.

Food Preparation Areas

The degreaser is ideal for food preparation and service areas where it quickly and easily removes oil and fat splashes. Add some product to the bucket when washing floor areas to help restore greasy kitchen flooring. Please note that the degreaser is not a sanitising product.
In Kitchen areas we strongly recommend the use of an anti-microbial treatment after using the degreaser. Please see the U-Sol range of sanitisers and 2-in-1 cleaner and sanitiser (EF29/30/38/39)

Remove Body Fats

In steam rooms and saunas body fats tend to build up under seats and on walls and floors. Removing these deposits is usually very difficult and time consuming – and one of the most unpopular jobs we know of! The U-Sol heavy duty degreaser removes these fatty deposits so effectively that they can usually be washed away with plenty of fresh water. We especially recommend the 2 litre hose applicator (EF34) for these kinds of areas.

* always test any cleaning products on a hidden area first when using for the first time.

How to use:

Spray the heavy duty degreaser onto the soiled surface and leave for up to 2 minutes (for heavily soiled areas). Wipe the area with a clean damp cloth until all the dislodged dirt and product are removed or wash away with clean water if there are drains nearby. In very dirty areas or where grease deposits are baked on, you may need to agitate the surface with a scouring pad or sponge scourers. The longer you leave the detergent on the soiled surface, the easier the dirt will erase.