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Sanitising Foam

Alcohol Free foaming hand sanitiseralcohol free foam hand sanitiser
kills a broad spectrum of viruses, moulds, fungi and bacteria on your hands.
Safe for use in sensitive areas
Hand sanitiser foam

Surface Cleaner

Alcohol Free Antimicrobial surface cleaner spray is unbeatable for cleaning and sanitising ANY SURFACES in a single operationalcohol free sanitising spray cleaner
Safe to use on any hard AND porous surfaces
same chemical hazard rating as water
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Usol Biodegradable Heavy Duty Detergent Degreaser 2L Hose Lock

Product ID: EF34
Usol Heavy Duty Detergent Degreaser
Price: 21.60 (25.92 Inc. VAT)


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Heavy duty concentrate detergent degreaser (2L with patented hose applicator)

The U-Sol heavy duty detergent/degreaser is a powerful multi-purpose cleaner and degreaser which can safely be used on both hard surfaces and most porous surfaces. You can even use it to remove grease spots from your carpets or clothing (just rinse with fresh water after rubbing in a little of the degreaser)*.

Unlike most other degreasers U-Sol contains no acids or solvents which tend to damage many surfaces. The U-Sol heavy duty detergent/degreaser is outstandingly effective at cutting through all grease, oil and fatty deposits very rapidly (including body fats).
The product is provided in a concentrated form for dispensing through the U-Sol hose applicator. The applicator is very easy to use and automatically dilutes the concentrate at the optimal rate.
The hose applicator can be used as a conventional floor cleaner and degreaser, provided there is adequate floor drainage and so can be incorporated into existing cleaning regimes.

In areas like saunas and steam rooms fatty deposits collect under furniture and on walls and floors. As well as being unpleasant, smelly and unhygienic, these fatty deposits are difficult and time consuming to remove. Using the hose applicator they can simply be washed away without scrubbing or chipping, leaving a fresh, slightly soapy smell. With regular use the deposits do not build up again.

The special U-Sol hose applicator enables large areas to be covered quickly. Walls, floors and ceilings are all dealt with within seconds. The applicator provides an automatic dilution rate which is ideal for most cleaning environments. As a result, each 2 litres of product delivers 200 litres of the degreaser giving you an extremely cost efficient method of cleaning and degreasing large areas in double quick time.
The U-Sol hose applicator system typically provides around 500 square meters of coverage.

Please note that the degreaser is not a disinfection product. In any wet area where you can use the degreaser we strongly recommend that you also use the U-Sol Anti-Microbial Maintenance Treatment. This combined treatment makes wet areas much safer to use and leaves a fresh, clean smell which really lasts.

* always test any cleaning products on a hidden area first when using for the first time.

How to use:

Attach the hose applicator to a hose with a standard “Hoselok” type fitting and turn the water on from the tap. Stand in the area that requires cleaning, aim at the targeted area and switch on from the hose applicator. An automated dilution (100:1) of the detergent degreaser will dispense as a spray. Continue to spray the whole area until thoroughly dampened. This should only take a few seconds. Leave to work in for a few minutes. For stubborn grease and dirt, use a brush or abrasive cloth to agitate. Disconnect the hose from the hose applicator and use the hose to rinse away with plenty of fresh clean water.
Once rinsed away, it is advisable to use our U-Sol Anti-Microbial Maintenance treatment which is applied in exactly the same way but then left to dry naturally. (See EF36)