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Colour coded cleaning chemical dosing system

Pot wash detergent
1. Pot Wash
Heavy Duty degreaser and floor cleaner icon
2. Heavy Duty Degreaser and Floor Cleaner
Antibacterial surface cleaner icon
3. Double Agent
Antibacterial potwash detergent label
4. Anti-Bacterial Pot Wash
Bath and Washroom cleaner icon
6. Bath & Washroom Cleaner
Biodegradable air freshener icon
7. Air Freshener
Window Glass and Stainless Steel Cleaner icon
8. Window and Stainless Steel Cleaner
Toilet and Urinal Cleaner Descaler icon
9. Toilet Cleaner and Descaler

Easy-to-follow diagrams on laminated wall posters included with each dispenser.
Symbolised & numbered for colour blind, literacy or language barriers.

Evolution Biodegradable Toilet Bowl Cleaner and Descaler

Special STARTER KIT OFFER: Biodegradable Toilet Bowl Cleaner & Descaler Starter Kit
Product ID: EV9
Toilet Cleaner and Descaler
Price: 55.00 (66.00 Inc. VAT)
2 x 1.5 ltr

 Buy 2 @ 51.70.

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Toilet and Urinal Cleaner

A toilet bowl and urinal cleaner concentrate designed for dilution 1 part concentrate plus 9 parts water to yield a viscous, clinging product, which is pleasantly perfumed and removes soil, scale and sanitizes at the same time.
A complete cleaner to give clean toilets and leave a refreshing pot pourri fragrance.
Use in:
Evolution Toilet Bowl & Urinal Cleaner Dispenser
Evolution Toilet Bowl & Urinal Cleaner Squeegee Bottles

Each dispenser and Spray Bottle Flask is Colour-Coded, Symbolised and Numbered for blind, language or literacy barriers.

Directions for Use

Pour ready to use solution round rim of toilets and across the top part of urinals.
Use a brush to ensure that all the surface is wetted with the product.
Leave for a few minutes and then brush away soiling and stains.
Flush the toilet.

Colour coded chemical cleaning system.

Toilet Cleaner and Descaler Concentrate


Product No 9: Toilet Cleaner & Descaler

Colour Code: Red

Shape Code: Crescent Moon



The Evolution Toilet Bowl Cleaner and Descaler Concentrate is packed in sealed pouches. Each pouch has a neck valve sealed with a non-return valve and a cap. They are manufactured under a quality system approved to BS EN 9001:2000 and are biodegradable to EU standards.