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Breakthrough skin conditioning cream leaves hands healthy in just 14 days!
hand medic skin conditioning cream
If you are fed up of having dry, chapped hands, or you are suffering from eczema or dermatitis, then Hand Medic skin conditioning cream will interest you
More Info on Hand Medic skin conditioning cream

Sanitising Wipes

Alcohol Free Antimicrobial sanitising wipesalcohol free sanitising wipes
Sanitises, Cleans and disinfects surfaces within 30 seconds and stays working on the surface for up to 3 days
Antimicrobial surface sanitising wipes

PURELL® TFX™ Touch-Free Hand Sanitiser Starter Pack

Product ID: H223SP
TFX Purell Hand sanitiser Starter Pack
Price: 85.00 (102.00 Inc. VAT)


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Gojo TFX Purell® Touch-free hand sanitiser 'Starter Pack'
Ideal pack to get you started.
2 dispenser's
1 case (4x 1200ml) refill cartridges.
(Batteries included)

Save £19.29 buying the 'Starter Pack'

1000 applications per cartridge. (Average push button, pull lever type is around 384 per 1L) Anti-bacterial properties and added moisturisers.

Ideal for Kitchens, healthcare, clean room & office  environments where eliminating bacteria on the hands is vital. Eliminates germs, bacteria, anti-viral & fungi in 15 seconds!
Also eliminates Swine Flu H1N1


PURELL is a trademark of Johnson & Johnson and is used under license