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enMotion touchless
paper dispenser

enmotion touchless peper towel dispenser
Automated Touchless Hand Towel System that will save you as much as 50% to conventional hand towels

Project a more positive, stylish and modern image to your washroom with the enMotion sensor activated dispenser

More info on enMotion touchless paper towel dispenser

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Environmentally Friendly Cleaning products
earth friendly cleaning

Natural clear, products with no added colours or phosphates, only natural ingredients and fragrances

green cleaning products

TFX™ Touch Free Dispensing Systems

Combining Luxury and convenience……

hand free dispenser

Touch free, trouble free hand hygiene……

When people want to get their hands clean, the last thing they need is to touch a dirty dispenser.

With the NEW TFX touch free dispensing system, there’s nothing to touch – just place hands below.
The future of hand hygiene is touch free.

With the exact portions being dispensed, you get 2000 shots out of the 1250ml cartridge…..making it 40% more economical than the original liquid type soaps

Clean hands, kill germs and enhance your image…..all with one system!

Product ID: H219
TFX Touch Free Foamer Dispenser Clog and Drip free 1200ml foamer cartridge
Price: 25.00 (30.00 Inc. VAT)

Product ID: H220MSP
Price: 45.00 (54.00 Inc. VAT)


Product ID: H220SP
Price: 45.00 (54.00 Inc. VAT)

Product ID: H220TFX
Price: 29.99 (35.99 Inc. VAT)

 Buy 5 @ 25.49.

Product ID: H221SP
Price: 45.00 (54.00 Inc. VAT)

Product ID: H221TFX
TFX Touch Free Antibacterial Foam Handwash For any environments that require an anti-bacterial germ-kill
Price: 32.24 (38.69 Inc. VAT)

 Buy 5 @ 27.40.

Here are the key benefits of the TFX Touch Free dispenser system…….

  • hands free dispensing systemPortion controlled single shots!
  • COMPLETELY contamination FREE!
  • 1200ml high capacity sanitary sealed collapsible refills!
  • Fresh dispensing valve with every cartridge refill!
  • 30,000 uses from 3 standard C batteries (included with each dispenser)!
  • 2,000 washes from a 1.2L cartridge of foam hand wash
  • Simple refill snaps securely into place in seconds!
  • 3 year performance guarantee on dispensers!
  • Reduces the spread of germs!
  • Drip free!
  • 34% more cost effective than conventional ‘push’ button or ‘pull’ lever dispensers!

Key market sectors:
Office washrooms, food related industries, food processing, agriculture, Horticulture, schools, airports, council & commercial buildings, sports and leisure centres / clubs, nursing and residential homes, any other healthcare industry, veterinary practices, pubs, clubs, restaurants, hotels, children’s nurseries, etc….

Product Reviews

*This is the most hygienic and cost effective soap system I've ever come across! The fact that you don't touch the dispenser is a major plus for reduced cross contamination. The actual foam soap is so soft and gentle on the hands too! Excellent product and system. I'd highly recommend this to anyone who is looking to reduce costs and provide high standards of hygiene*
Sue Rixon, Age UK

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