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Taking hand hygiene to a whole new
level of performance.

Touch Free Soap Dispensers

A variety of formula options are available,
including PURELL® Hand Sanitiser foam,
PURELL Hygienic Hand Rub and GOJO foam soaps.

Customer Reviews

enMotion touchless
paper dispenser

enmotion touchless peper towel dispenser
Automated Touchless Hand Towel System that will save you as much as 50% to conventional hand towels

Project a more positive, stylish and modern image to your washroom with the enMotion sensor activated dispenser

More info on enMotion touchless paper towel dispenser

GOJO® NXT® Twin Cartridge Dual Soap Dispenser

Product ID: H215
Gojo NXT Twin Dispenser
Price: 15.75 (18.90 Inc. VAT)

Gojo 1000ml NXT twin cartridge dispenser


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GOJO 2000ml NXT twin cartridge wall mounted dual soap lotion dispenser (2 x 1000ml)

The 'NXT' dispensers are guaranteed for life

The GOJO NXT SIDE-BY-SIDE dual lotion soap dispensing system holds two 1 litre refills of skin care product in a compact size.
In high traffic locations, install the same soap in both sides.
In other areas, give users a choice of soaps. Or design a skin care product regimen by offering a combination of soap and sanitizer.

This dual cartridge dispenser system uses the same refills as the ‘NXT SPACE SAVER’ but providing versatility on two types of GOJO lotion soap or extra volume of the same product for busy areas. ….but still keeps with the compact dispenser sizing.
With a capacity of 2000ml, means spending less time refilling

  • Compact space utilisation
  • Sanitary sealed refills, so no risk of contamination
  • Portion controlled, reduces cost-in-use
  • Rugged construction & unconditionally guaranteed
  • Sky light window for knowing when to refill
  • Easy to clean with the smooth cabinet design
  • ‘Clog Free’ dispensing valve
  • Refill bags empty completely with the Vacuum Dome Pump valve
  • One-hand push operation reinforces installation
  • Quick & easy ‘snap shut’ dispenser procedure
  • Refill loads in seconds
  • Choice of ‘sticking’ to the wall or screws

The GOJO NXT Dispensers are suitable for using with:
H220A Deluxe lotion soap
H221A Antibacterial lotion soap

H222A Spa Bath body soap & shampoo

H223A PURELL Instant hand sanitizer


PURELL is a trademark of Johnson & Johnson and is used under license