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Touch Free Starter Pack

Direct offer you a special starter pack to help you go
touch free saniti
Starter pack contains:
TFX Dispenser
Mobile Sanitizer Stand
1200ml Hand Sanitizer

Hand sanitizer portable stand starter pack

GOJO® Hand Cleaner and Hand Sanitizer Dispensers

Your choice of dispensing options...

A comprehensive selection from the GOJO range of hand cleaner and hand sanitizer dispensers.
Offering traditional wall mounted dispensing options, mobile dispensers foam and touch free dispensers for ultimate hygiene in the workplace.

Product ID: H196
Price: 20.00 (24.00 Inc. VAT)

Product ID: H197
Price: 25.00 (30.00 Inc. VAT)


Product ID: H214
Gojo NXT Single Dispenser
1000ml Gojo NXT single cartridge dispenser
Price: 12.50 (15.00 Inc. VAT)

 Buy 12 @ 9.38.
Product ID: H215
Gojo NXT Twin Dispenser
Gojo 1000ml NXT twin cartridge dispenser
Price: 15.75 (18.90 Inc. VAT)


Product ID: H216
FMX Foamer Cartridge Dispenser For Gojo products
Price: 11.00 (13.20 Inc. VAT)

Product ID: H218
Gojo Hand Medic Dispenser
500ml Dispenser
Price: 14.75 (17.70 Inc. VAT)

 Buy 12 @ 12.54.

Product ID: H219
TFX Touch Free Foamer Dispenser Clog and Drip free 1200ml foamer cartridge
Price: 25.00 (30.00 Inc. VAT)

Product ID: H229
Gojo Wall Bracket
Designed to hold Gojo 350ml pump bottles
Price: 3.95 (4.74 Inc. VAT)

 Buy 12 @ 2.96.

Customer Review:
* The first thing I noticed was the attractive and compact dispensers. I didn’t initially believe you could get one litre of product in them! Being a very busy health centre, I wanted to make sure that soap was not going to run out during the day. The twin dispenser is a must for high usage areas. It’s nice to have a dispenser system that is non drip too *
John Wilkins, Pound Hill Surgery