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Hand Sanitizer

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This remarkable product kills 99.9% of the most common illness-causing germs, including of course, MRSA
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Purell Hand Sanitiser - more info

Enmotion Paper Towel 2-ply White Hydratek Rolls

Sorry, this product is not currently available.

Enmotion paper towel 2-ply White Hydrotek

For use in the Enmotion Touch Free Hand Towel Dispenser

Soft and absorbent
Hydratek technology improves the hand feel and absorbancy of each towel dispensed and ensures a more pleasurable hand drying experience.

Economical High traffic system
At 143m long, the roll will service even the busiest of washrooms. You have the flexibility to determine how long each roll will last by selecing the sheet length:
20cm length > 715 sheets
30cm length > 476 sheets
40cm length > 357 sheets
You have maximum control over the usage, as wll as the length of the hand towel, the time delay between the hand towels, and the sensor distance can all be adjusted.

Very hygienic and user friendly:
Users have no need whatsoever to touch the dispenser, reducing the risks of cross-contamination.

Easy Stub Roll Transfer
When the roll has dropped below the rim of the blue holder you simply drop the roll down in the dispenser and add a new roll.
The top roll will then activate once the stub roll has run out, so the system need never run empty of enMotion paper towel.