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safety catalogue

enMotion touchless
paper dispenser

enmotion touchless peper towel dispenser
Automated Touchless Hand Towel System that will save you as much as 50% to conventional hand towels

Project a more positive, stylish and modern image to your washroom with the enMotion sensor activated dispenser

More info on enMotion touchless paper towel dispenser


Eclipse Lasers

Tattoo Removal Laser Machines

Laser Training and 'Core of knowledge' included!
tattoo removal laser machine
Eclipse Lasers supply Tattoo Studios and Beauty Salons throughout the UK

Free Loan Machine During Warranty

After Sales Service

Certified Training



Earth Friendlier Starter Pack Deal

Natural clear, products with no added colours or phosphates, only natural ingredients and fragrances

Sorry, this product is not currently available.

Earth Friendlier Special Intro Starter Pack

Try a selection of the Earth Friendlier eco-cleaning range with this discounted starter pack with a FREE MICROFIBRE CLOTH !


Citric Toilet Cleaner (2x1L)
A stunningly effective cleaning and freshening of toilets and toilet areas, it is also ideal for cleaning, deodorising baths, wash basins, tiles, walls and floors. Because of its natural citric acid ingredients, this toilet cleaner is recommended by local authorities for use in schools and hospitals.

Germicidial Washroom Cleaner (1x750ml)
This 'green' cleaner kills 99.99% of germs and bacteria. You can use it in ALL washroom applications and is an excellent stainless steel cleaner on taps. Use on tiled walls, baths, toilet bowls, showers, sinks, vinyl and tiled floors.

Kitchen Cleaner Sanitiser (1x750ml)
This unique cleaner is approved for use in food related areas and is recommended by local authorities for use in schools and hospitals.
Environmentally friendly and biodegradable citric acid based multi surface cleaner is specifically formulated to give an effective anti-microbial action which starts to work on 99.98% of bacteria within 30 seconds!

Glass & Mirror Cleaner (1x750ml)
This green earth friendlier glass & mirror cleaner is the first of its kind with a lemon fresh fragrance, made form natural oils. It's formulated to remove finger marks, dirt, oil and general grime from any mirror, glass or stainless steel surface, leaving behind a smear free, sparkling finish.

Multi-Purpose Lemon Cleaner (1x750ml)
A quite outstanding cleaner for areas where heavy duty cleaning is a 'must'. You can use it on a variety of surfaces like walls, floors, machinery and any work tops that don't necessarily require sanitising. You won't find another product quite like this one in the current market