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safety catalogue


The most COST EFFECTIVE and unique combination of essential cleaning chemicals ever.....
evolution cleaning chemical wall mounted despensing system
VAST COST SAVINGS! Pay under 49p per 750ml of Cleaner / sanitiser!
Evolution wall mounted chemical dispensing system


...the brand
people know and trust.

Touch Free Soap Dispensers

In one recent study, healthcare workers sanitised their hands 20%
more often when PURELL was provided in a touch-free dispenser.
If you’re serious about reducing the spread of germs, you’ll want
to provide PURELL in the TFX dispenser.

Touch Free - Trouble Free Purell

Automatic Air Freshener Dispenser Aerosol Refills

Sorry, this product is not currently available.

Wall Mounted Automatic Air Freshener Aerosol Refills

Designed for odour control in the Automatic Air Fresheners wall mounted dispenser

For a fresher world

  • 3400 economical metered sprays
  • Each aerosol will provide odour control coverage in rooms up to 6000ft
  • Designed to enhance the ambient environment wherever they are used
  • The dispenser actuates automatically at scheduled periods emmiting measured amounts of millions of tiny particles of fragrance which remain suspended in the air
  • Before placing the dispenser in use, hand spray the air to prime the area
  • In stock citrus and apple

For use in the Automatic Air Fresheners Dispenser

For odour control in all your rooms consider our special discounted Automatic Air Freshener Dispenser Starter Pack