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safety catalogue

enMotion touchless
paper dispenser

enmotion touchless peper towel dispenser
Automated Touchless Hand Towel System that will save you as much as 50% to conventional hand towels

Project a more positive, stylish and modern image to your washroom with the enMotion sensor activated dispenser

More info on enMotion touchless paper towel dispenser

Foam soap dispenser

The luxury system for handwashing in the workplace

gojo hands free soap dispenser

TFX™ Touch Free foaming hand soap dispenser

foam soap dispenser info

All in one bactercidal cleaner sanitiser concentrate

Sorry, this product is not currently available.

All-In-One bactericidal cleaner, degreaser & sanitiser concentrate

  • Out performs any other cleaner / sanitiser in its category
  • Degreases, cleans & sanitises in a single operation
  • Cut out cleaners, degreasers and sanitisers for just ONE product
  • Environmentally friendly bactericidal & biodegradable
  • Non tainting, odourless, solvent free and non flammable
  • No harsh alkalis or acids
  • Removes animal fats, proteins, grease, food residues, oil, blood and general grime
  • Safe to use ANYWHERE!
  • Just spray on, leave a minute or two and wipe off with a clean damp cloth
  • Independently tested to kill E Coli

Where you can use All-in-one:

Floors, walls, tiles, fridges & freezers (inside & out), chopping boards, worktops, tables, cooker tops, kitchen units, cupboards, cabinets, washrooms, sinks, stainless steel, plastics

Directions for use:

For light to medium soiling, dilute up to 120 - 1 with water
For heavy soiling, dilute up to 30 - 1 with water

Worktops / equipment:
Spray, or wipe a prediluted solution onto the surface. Leave for up to 5 minutes before wiping off with a damp cloth. Leave to air dry or dry with a disposable paper towel.

Floors / tiles:
Spray or mop onto surface, leave for 1 - 2 minutes before rinsing off with clean water.


* I won’t use anything else other than All-in-one because there is nothing else that can touch it for its excellent cleaning performance. I even use it as my washroom cleaner too. One product to do a multitude of areas *
Mark Sutton, Clinches Restaurant

* A brilliant all round cleaner & sanitiser. I used to buy three or four various chemicals, but All-in-one does it all in one go. I now have peace of mind using this fantastic product, knowing it is safe to use anywhere in food related areas *
Ashley Parker, Premier Meats